Triple Scale Hydrometer – Specific Gravity Alcohol ABV Tester – for Wine, Beer, Cider, Mead, Sake and Kombucha – Homebrew Fermented Beverages by Brewing America

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EARN YOUR BRAGGING RIGHTS – As a Home Brewer, you tell your friends exactly what your brew’s ABV is! This is a must-have tool for your homebrew equipment and beer, wine, cider (and other fermented beverages) making supplies and equipment for ACCURATE Alcohol content ABV Testing! The key is consistency and accuracy – make your best brew every time!

ENJOY YOUR ADVENTURES IN HOME BREWING – EASY TO READ & BEST PACKAGING – Know your Brew! Colored bands make it easier to see and clearly read the measurements of the start and finish, your OG (Original Gravity) and FG (Final Gravity) results, to calculate your ABV (Alcohol by Volume). Best packaging for safer transport and storage of this glass hydrometer! Three pieces of strategically placed foam AND we personally inspect and hand wrap every hydrometer in our extra large microfiber cloth.

HELPS TROUBLESHOOT and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Helps you troubleshoot problems by measuring the differences in your tests of your beer wort or wine must throughout your brew session or fermentation process. No lead or mercury in this hydrometer means your product and the environment is safe. The hydrometer is made of safe stainless steel balls in the bottom.

SPECS – Triple Scale: Specific Gravity (0.982 – 1.160), Brix/Balling tool (0-35), Potential Alcohol (0%-21%)

WHAT’S INCLUDED – Includes a Genuine Glass Triple Scale Hydrometer, Hard Plastic Case with foam support inserts for safe shipping and storage, Large Microfiber Cloth for cleaning and wrapping for storage, Instructions with Conversion Table and a Satisfaction Guarantee for Accuracy or we will replace it FREE!

Our Triple Scale Brew Hydrometer is Easy to Read and Guaranteed to be Accurate!

Brewing America’s Triple Scale Hydrometer is the Best for Home Brewing Wine, Cider, Kombucha, Sake or Beer Making. Whether you need a beer hydrometer, wine hydrometer, cider hydrometer or kombucha hydrometer, this is the one for you!

• Instructions and Conversion Chart Included inside the case
• Measures specific gravity, potential alcohol and brix
• All-In-One Hydrometer

This Hydrometer is backed by a lifetime free replacement guarantee, if inaccurate!

Whether you’re looking at all the beer hydrometers, wine hydrometers, cider hydrometers or kombucha hydrometers, this one gets the job done every time!


Bring the sample liquid to 60 degrees F (Fahrenheit) or the reading will be inaccurate if the test sample is not at this temperature.
NOTE: Hydrometers are made of hand-blown glass for accuracy and are fragile.

Hidrometer / hidrometro para gravedad especifica, para vino, densimetro cerveza casera, cerveza fabricacion de cerveza ensayador para elaborar cerveza la mejor!


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