Pro Series Alcohol Hydrometer Tester: 0-200 Proof & Tralle

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Product features

  • Made in the USA: Designed and produced 100% in the USA with highest quality raw goods and with the utmost professionalism.
  • Non-toxic: Made only with safe and high quality materials.
  • NIST Traceable: Guaranteed Accuracy!
  • 0-200 Proof scale for testing spirits, high alcohol liquor, moonshine, home distilling
  • We support you! Check out our instructions included with your purchase and our 44-page online Temperature Conversion Chart

Product description

Take your distilling to the next level with this Pro Series Alcohol Meter! This hydrometer is Made in America and NIST Traceable, which means ACCURACY! Handle with care. All glass hydrometers are fragile but the glass on these Brewing America high alcohol hydrometers is thicker and produced with only highest quality materials by 2nd generation American glassblowers. No overseas shortcuts taken here!



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