Hydrometer ABV Tester Kit: Pro Series Triple Scale Hydrometer NIST Traceable

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NEW! Enjoy Lab quality testing at home! This Brewing America Pro Series Triple Scale Hydrometer Kit for brewing is NIST Traceable….this is a BIG deal! The Brewing America Professional Level Triple Scales in the hydrometer is the BEST you find anywhere. Not more rediculas color bands that made reading your results a huge chore. Also enjoy the larger readable scale. This hydrometer is Made in America and NIST Traceable, which means ACCURACY!  Professional results with this alcohol content tester means it makes your brew testing easier, making your brewing more fun! See your gravity reading easier. Our NIST Traceable accuracy means you can trust your results! This hydrometer kit includes a borosilicate glass hydrometer test jar. It is narrow and just tall enough for you to use as little wort or must as possible to get the perfect readings. The 100% transparent 1-piece all glass test cylinder means you can see clearly through the glass to your Brewing America Pro Series Hydrometer and read your gravity reading. It comes with a stainless steel brush, cleaning cloth and instruction sheet. Enjoy lab quality at home at consumer pricing with easy shipping from Brewing America Directly! NEW! Limited time Introductory Price. ORDER NOW!


  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN 1 KIT: NIST Traceable Pro Series Hydrometer is easy to read and is a lab quality instrument. Gauge your specific gravity reading. Also includes the borosilicate glass test jar, brush, cloth and instructions. Makes testing your brew easier.
  • ACCURACY: NIST Traceable (National Institute of Standards and Technology). This Pro Series Hydrometer is Made in America!
  • SAFE: Only non-toxic materials used. Hydrometer does not use lead in base weights.

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